Saturday, February 18, 2006

I Heart Fundamentalists

So we've all heard of religious fundamentalism, radicalism, extremism, conservatism...have you ever seen it? What does it mean exactly? Well, you're in for a fucking treat.

Do we really want people like this in our world?
Are they looking out for what's best for humanity?

Behold, the radical Christian. This is from one of the recent "Trading Spouses" episodes on Fox (where essentially two families trade spouses for a certain period of time). When i saw this on TV this evening, i became infuriated that there are actually people that exist in our world who are as mentally corrupt from religion as this. What shames me the most is that a substantial amount of the human race have minds quite similar to this, we're not talking about just Christian extremism (Don't even get me started about you, Muhammad). I'll talk more about this another day.

Oh, and while waiting inbetween classes I came across this pleasant article in the latest Newsweek. It's titled, "Cut, Thrust and Christ" kind. It's basically about a debate team from Liberty University (also noted as, and i quote, "Jerry Falwell's fundamentalist Baptist college") who are diligently training to flood "the system with thousands of conservative Christian lawyers". Boy, that's just what we need more of!

What i like most about the article is the word usage involved. For example, in the actual Newsweek magazine which i read (go ahead, check if you don't believe me), the words in the next selection are a little different than the website has, which leads me to wonder. The magazine read that the university was intent on" training debaters who can perform assault ministry", what the fuck is ASSAULT ministry? Could you have used a better word for it? Or is that really what you mean?

Strangely enough, the online article is slightly different with "We are training debaters who can perform a salt ministry" (which has some reference to Matthew 5:13). Is this the mistake of Newsweek? Perhaps a typo in the original version? Perhaps it was the original statement and due to fear of criticism, negative view from public, etc, the university asked ( or demanded) Newsweek to change the selection. I don't know about you, but i'm sufficiently frightened.
Think about it for yourself, do we want our religious organizations to be using such rhetoric? What's next? "Our Warlords of Christ hope to commit a genocide of sin in the United States in the name of our Lord, Lieutenant General Jesus Christ."

Though, look at the bright side, our Vice President shot a man.


At 12:10 AM, Blogger d said...

lol "assault ministry" ?!?!?

you might enjoy these pics and a related post on wustlog which is here.

all I can say is: "god, save us from your followers."

At 12:22 AM, Blogger Delta said...

Lol good post. It probably was 'assault ministry'. The church has been loving people to death for centuries.

At 3:56 AM, Blogger vjack said...

Great post, and welcome to I look forward to reading more here.

At 10:09 AM, Blogger Delta said...

Well apparently Newsweek says it was a typo, and it probably is. But the fact that the author thought it was 'assault' and didn't check it twice says something about the way the christians conduct their business. Things like this help enforce that view (you need to click to progress through the presentation).

At 6:10 AM, Blogger Simon said...

haha, great post.

Thank Christ I live in Europe... oops.

I think the trading spouses woman has been eating atheists.

My blog has turned atheist recently. Don't really know how it happened... My most recent post addresses some supposed Christian "scientist". These guys are dangerous because they make out religion has some basis in rational thinking.


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