Monday, March 20, 2006

Let's get personal!

Well, i wasn't planning on making a post this week due to school, but i feel that my readers (though few in number :( ) will find this quite interesting. Now i'm going to try my best to keep this away from any sort of "myspace" or "xanga" type entries, full of emotional drama. This past week, my girlfriend, whom i've been with for around two years, broke things off. Why you ask? Simply put, because i'm not a Christian.

Let's go over some quick background information. Our relationship has always been a very positive one, on both sides, no moments of infidelity or anything whatsoever. She had told me many times that i was "the one" and that God "destined us to be together" (in a purely religious sense, typical of many relationships). She was a moderately religious christian ( as in, she would go to church on sundays but also go against the Bible in NUMEROUS ways) , and she knew that my ideas generally followed along the lines of Agnosticism/Atheism.

Our ideas clashed sometimes, but nothing serious enough to cause any damage (for example, she was against gay marriage on the bounds of "It's not natural/right" and "well, what would it lead to? People marrying bears?"...hell, i think that would be sweet), or so i thought. We never fought over religion, and rarely even discussed it. Though it shames me to say, for her, i pretended to be a christian around her family at times(who are hardcore fundamentalists, no doubt. They told me to read the Bible alongside my Philosophy text...i wonder why) and also attended church with her on occasion. I did this to please her, while hoping she would soon come to her senses and follow reason and science.

Clearly, i was wrong. To my amusement, she stated to me that she had been through a religious "calling" from Jesus (this is gonna be good!). She told me that she didn't think she could be with, or raise a family with someone who wasn't sure of the existence of God. Yes, you heard that right, she didn't want me to be UNSURE of a God, she wanted me to be, apparently, as intellectually advanced as her and know the truth to existence. She wants someone who is ASSURED of the existence and nature of God. Also, she wanted someone who could "grow" with her "in Christ" (whatever the fuck that means). In addition, she thought that my beliefs in reason and truth would have a deleterious effect on our children, whom she wanted to raise in the church( cause it builds morals, right?). Also, we know that Atheists/Agnostics can't raise children right(just like homosexuals ?, not quite.)? So, as you can imagine, she decided for us to stop seeing each other.

Am i angry? No, i'm actually rather pleased that i uncovered her ignorance so early. Though, i am somewhat sad to see such a positive ( in many respects) relationship go to waste. I think to myself, what could i have done to prevent this? Well, i concluded, there's not much you can do when your in one on one combat with "God". Once people are past a certain point psychologically (beholding "miracles",having religious "callings" and making improper associations between these things and ordinary events in life), there is absolutely nothing you can do. Should i hold my tongue and profess to her that i'm (or want to be) a christian to possibly save the relationship? Absolutely not, it's crucial that freethinkers stand by truth and do not falter (which is difficult to do in our world, as i well know). We know what happens when reasonable men do nothing...a religion is born!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

A Slight Concern

Recently, i've had numerous talks with religious (mostly Christians, like this cool cat to my right from -->) people in regard to certain "hot topics". Topics such as abortion, gay rights, euthanasia, and stem cell research, to name a few. I can't help but find myself deeply troubled after each discussion. Many religious people ( not based off of just these few recent interactions) don't seem to understand the effects or repercussions of what they believe, (taking things "from faith" aka, a belief that cannot be proven through rational thought, science, etc) especially when it comes down to lawmaking/voting. There are CONSEQUENCES ( or perks if you voted "God's way", except you may have to wait till you die to receive them, oh, and you have to be the right religion/denomination too! Good luck!) when you cast a vote to limit stem cell research, for example.

You are DIRECTLY affecting other peoples' lives, their futures, their families, etc. Wouldn't it be wise to put a significant amount of thought into something such as a vote, before casting it (especially when it affects others)? Or is that asking too much?(Yeah, i know it may be at the same time as Celebrity Fit Club, but please, help humanity).

Let's think about abortion for a moment. Godless heathens killing unborn babies, right? Well, it's not quite what your religious leader would like you to think. Most Christians (in addition to other religious groups), from my own research and experience, want to simply outlaw abortion. On what grounds are you basing this off of? Have you made an elaborate investigation into the subject? What are your references? (Please don't say the Bible, please don't say the Bible (insert other religious documents here) Oh, the Bible...what a surprise, the epitome of truth and justice of all human literature. I've heard countless arguments for why abortion is wrong from Christians, all stemming from the Bible. " God is the only one who can give life and take life away", is one which i hear quite often.

Alright, well let's return to the secular realm, the real world which we all live in today. First of all, can you prove your beliefs in your God? No. Ok, so... let's keep our minds in the real world. "In 2003-2004, there were an average annual 204,370 victims of rape, attempted rape or sexual assault" in America, according to a reputable organization. Why does your God allow this to happen? Free will defense? They are pagans? But anyways, in some of these cases, the victim can be pregnant from the attacker, what should we do? Shall we make the victim have the rapist's baby? That way, we wouldn't upset ol' J-man(cause he directly speaks of this situation in the Bible (insert other religious documents here) right?). Absolutely not, that's just absurd. We should allow the victim to have an abortion. Should we permit abortion at all times, across all situations? Honestly, i have no idea...and because i have no idea, i'm going to do the right thing for humanity, and keep my opinions out(voting included) until i have done major research. I beg you, if you know nothing on a subject, do not get involved with it( unless it's impartial research) because your ignorance can be deleterious to others.

PLEASE remember that you are AFFECTING other people's lives drastically. Do you have any idea what kind of damage you can cause (due to beliefs based generally on childhood influences or a simple lack of knowledge)?

Due to the sheer length of the post, i shall continue with the other topics on another day. Meanwhile, check out
these interesting anti-abortion pictures. My personal favorites are the "return to sender" and "abortion mill" pictures.