Saturday, June 03, 2006

Youth in Asia?

Youth in Asia?
Recently, numerous articles and discussions from mainly religious individuals/organizations about Euthanasia, have been quite galvanizing. I am absolutely sick and tired of peoples' generally unfounded religious beliefs interfering with reality. Of course, who isn't tired of this? To my dismay, the future is rather dismal for freethinkers. I only pray to the "Earth Mother" that humans pull their heads out of the skies and focus on the fucking ground. Anyways, on to Euthanasia.

By definition, Euthanasia means "The act or practice of ending the life of an individual suffering from a terminal illness or an incurable condition, as by lethal injection or the suspension of extraordinary medical treatment." Now, we can't just end lives without the consent of the patient right? Right. Voluntary euthanasia is absolutely necessary and morally acceptable. It should be essentially, the patient's choice and no one elses. Humans have a right to life, and a right to death. Is this irrational thinking? That a person should be in control of their own life? To choose whether or not they die (whether or not they can choose, is another story)? For humans sake, if i'm afflicted by some horrid disease..and was going to die slowly, painfully across a few weeks...and i requested to be euthanized, what the hell does anyone else have to do with it? Would you deny my request?And more importantly in this discussion, what do religious beliefs have to do with my decision? The ONLY beliefs that are of any importance are my own. Keep your religion out of my life. When was it a Christian's business, whether or not i die? Or how i die?

I can recall one day in one of my philosophy classes where a christian student responded to the idea of euthanasia with something along these lines, "Well, i think that the person should just fight it out...and not just give's God's decision on when you go to Heaven/Hell...I don't think they should be allowed to to do it". Holy shit, and we were talking about someone who was terminally ill and in constant agony. I then commented, ", if my son was in such a position, or me, or anyone in this classroom, and made such a request, you would deny it if you had the power?". To my disgust, her reply, though slightly apprehensive, was essentially a yes. I can really feel God's love. I only HOPE that most of the Christian community has a different view. Excuse me for a moment, but what do your generally childhood beliefs have to do with me and MY existence? When the fuck did you think you could interfere with my life, my pain, my happiness?

As i've said before, your beliefs can affect the lives of COUNTLESS humans, shouldn't you put some time into them? Even if you do, or as many christians claim they have, that doesn't mean you can implement them into my life (or anyone elses). I will certainly laugh at you if i see you giving money to the church, or speaking "in tongues" at church, or praying, but i'm not going to drastically affect your life (or make you suffer unjustly) due to my agnostic beliefs. Hell, you can even laugh at me for not praying, or for being a humanist, or having premarital relations.

Now, of course there is much I have left out in terms of regulation, problems with implementation, etc which require SERIOUS debate and discussion, but for religious beliefs and their place in such a topic, they have none and should never have any until we can prove their affirmations. I honestly do not understand most of the religious, what the hell are you thinking? Is it groupthink? Are you literally missing part of your brain (that develops reason)? Consider this an entreaty to the immoderately faithful (and i don't mean faithful in a good sense), your views have no place in the lives of others, so unless you can PROVE what you say(or have some scientific founding), shut the hell up.